BECOMING A PART OF YOUNIFY, from the viewpoint of a Magento developer Marija Nesic

Marija Nesic, can you please describe what is your role in the company and how long have you been working in IT before Younify?

My role and position in Younify is Junior Magento Backend developer. I’ve been working in IT and programming since July 2016 (with almost 2 years pause).

Why did you choose to apply for a position in Younify? What made you think the position Backend developer in this company is best for you?

When I saw job opportunity to work as a Magento Backend developer, I’ve seen a great possibility to learn Magento to the deepest edges, though customization of all type of its functionalities.

When did your first interest for e-commerce start?

I’ve interested in e-commerce from my previous company, because our duty was to create big online stores, and Magento was the best solution for our development.

Most developers would say working in Magento is very challenging and stressful, would you agree with that and how do you find it?

Magento is very stressful, but the challenging part is what kills the stress and gives strength. 🙂

Can you describe how the whole recruitment process passed and what made you feel Younify is the best job choice?

Next day after I applied for a job, HR called me for a short phone meeting. The conversation was very concise, concrete and polite, and we found out that we share the same values in work association. Then came the interview in person, then the technical interview. After both went well, here I was: to make a decision if I’m going to work for even better conditions than I asked for. And that’s what made me accept the chance for professional cooperation.

How was your first day in the company, did you feel welcome and what did you like the most?

On the first day of work, all colleagues, whole team welcome was so friendly and polite, and I already felt like a family member. That’s what melts me the most.

Are your expectations accomplished and is everything that you have been informed in the recruitment process valid?

Expectations from the recruitment process are completely satisfied for now.

What contributed the most for you to feel accepted, comfortable and to reduce stress during the adaptation?

Worm and friendly atmosphere is what makes me comfortable the most.

Is there anything different from your previous experiences in IT companies?

The difference from my previous work experience is in the organization – everything is maximally organized, the system is completely established and workflow functions almost perfectly.

How people from Younify accept new workers? Did you find any obstacle to feel as a part of the team and to be accepted?

Colleagues are very friendly, polite, reliable and helpful, so you must feel as a part of the team from the very beginning.

Can you describe your best experience during these two months?

My best experience for these two months is possibility two learn in all fields of programming under the great mentorship.

Do you think this company values and gives importance to employee’s satisfaction and how you can notice it?

Every Friday our HR gives us a little interview which provides employees impressions about work, professional, personal progress. We have a frequent eye to eye talks with the HR, and she is open for every kind of talks, suggestions, ideas…so, as I can see so far, employees seem to be very important for the firm, and that’s what increases satisfaction.

During these two months can you tell that you have already learned something new?

I can tell that I learned a lot for these two months: from work in a Unix environment, though useful developer tools, to set server-side configuration.

Do you think you have appropriate professionals to learn from?

I’m lucky to learn and work with extraordinary professionals and people with years of experience in Magento development.

How are you satisfied with your cooperation with your mentor? On which ways do you get encouragement to make progress every day?

I’m very satisfied with the cooperation with my mentor. He is very helpful and reliable, gives me support every time I need it. He is always interested in tasks that are assigned to me, on which way I’m going to find what the problem is and how to find a solution to my problem. I’ve already learned a lot from him.

Do you think Younify is the right company for professional development, learning, and progress?

My previous answer completely answered this question that I’m in the right place to learn and develop.

Are your expectations according to the job you work accomplished? Are there enough interesting tasks and projects that challenge you?

My tasks are very challenging and useful for my personal development, for now.

Are there enough encouragement, support, and understanding from management? How would you describe that cooperation?

Management is very careful about choosing appropriate tasks for me and gives eventual help for it. We are always in touch, and consulting about my tasks and their progress.

In which ways would you like to develop your career in the future? What would you like to accomplish in the next period?

I would like to work on new tasks in every field and all versions of Magento 2 platform… To be able to find bugs quickly, and make solutions for the best features.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in a company like this?

The biggest challenge for me personally is to evaluate my experience and knowledge, to follow my mentor and be a part of his work and tasks.

What are the challenges for a female developer working in predominantly male collective such this?

Challenge for women in predominantly male collective anywhere is to stay confident in their ideas and knowledge.

What do you think are advantages of working in Younify?

Advantages of working in Younify are possibility to learn and evaluate knowledge and work experience under the great mentorship constantly.

Can you see yourself in Younify for a long term in a far future and why?

I hope that Younify is my long term business station, and it will be until our cooperation and understanding grow.

Would you recommend this company to others and why?

Younify is a stable, long-lasting company, family-oriented and friendly oriented and that is why I would recommend it to other colleagues.

Thank you very much Marija!

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