Cheese went online!

Building a web shop for a cheese shop was an interesting challenge for Younify. Juustukuningad (Cheese Kings) is specialized on selling Dutch cheese and owns almost 90 retail shops in Estonia, Ukraine, Latvia and Finland and its team knew exactly what they want to achieve with a web shop. The cooperation between Juustukuningad and Younify went smoothly and we were happy to deliver a webshop what looks beautiful (delicious even!) and is very functional, easy and secure for its users. Below you can read what Robert Miller and Merit Wassenaar from Juustukuningad think of the project of building their new webshop

1. Since communication is an essential part of every successful project, which are the key strengths in communication with Younifiers?
Availability is your most important strength. Even questions that came up late in the evenings were mostly answered quickly and adequately.
2. From 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent), rate the importance of communication factor between you and Younify´s team while building a webshop for Juustukuningad. Please explain!
Rating: 5. Good communication was essential, because Magento is not the easiest platform to work with. Every detail was talked through, well explained and instructed.
3. Which business goals you planned to accomplish with Juustukuningad webshop developed by Younify?
Firstly, we wanted cheese, cheese gifts and other cheese related products to be accessible online. Secondly, we wanted our webshop to look professional and be safe. Now our clients can order gifts, cheeses and other products easily and securely.
4. Do you like the design we made?
Yes, it looks good. We used an existing template and the designers did a very good job on perfecting it.
5. What does it mean to you to have “custom design” in today´s online business?
It makes us stand out from websites who use more basic platforms and ensures a comfortable and logical client journey.
6. How satisfied are you with the development process of the webshop?
Very satisfied. Again, the communication was excellent and the result is better than we expected. Good job!
7. Would you recommend Younify for the other companies who are thinking of having a webshop? Why?
Absolutely! Because of the result oriented team that keep their pomises and deadlines.

Thank You! We wish you a lot of success!

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