“The store needs to be one of a kind” – Interview with Mr. Rogier Gülicher, HOBO HiFi

“HiFi is emotion. Music can touch, a film can deeply touch. The intensity of that experience will be much higher if you possess the right equipment.” With HOBO HiFi you get the best picture and sound, accompanied with professional advice, experience and service.

They say you have to be passionate for music, film and technology if you want to run such a business and have 100% satisfied customers. We hope HOBO HiFi specialists invested the same amount of passion in their newly built webshop when they entrusted it to Younify.


For that reason, we spoke to Mr. Rogier Gülicher, commercial director of HOBO HiFi.


Y: How did you choose your Magento development partner (Younify)?

RG: We did some extensive research online. At first we decided what functionality we were looking for. There was a review done by an expert on our previous website. The company who did this review provided us whit an extensive report of recommended changes.  We did an intake whit selected Magento website developers and investigated their skills. Younify turns out as the best skilled candidate.


Y: When you decided to build a webshop, you needed more arguments than just seeing company’s online portfolio, right? What attracted you to Younify (besides some of the projects we already implemented)?

RG:  It was the fact that Younify was able to work with our ERP system called Unit4. Unit4 Provides Magento with up to date data via CSV. Besides this fact we got the feeling that there was a right mindset and we were looking for a partner that was able to hand out solutions and really understood what were where looking for.  Emile Koolstra had right-oriented solution, that we really liked.


Y: Communication is essential part of every successful development process. How are you satisfied with the level and frequency of communication with Younifiers?

RG: Redmine is a great way to monitor the progress. Besides Redmine, people from Younify are always available for questions via mail or telephone. There were absolutely no problems with communication in English.


Y: How will you describe your overall experience while working with our designers and developers?

RG: Working with them is a joy; the designer shows more than enough with just a simple drawing or a few words. The developers are open for a dialogue and quickly understand what needs to be done.


Y: Please, make a list of 3 most important points when it comes to design for HOBO HiFi webshop.

RG: It should reassemble the quality of our company and the product that we sell. It needed to be more than just a webshop. The stores are important. The store needs to be one of a kind. No just an “off the shelf” template.


Y: What did you expect vs. gained during the development process of the webshop?

RG: I expected to be enough communication during the process. We received frequent updates and Younify was very receptive to criticism. We’ve experienced all these things during the development process.


Y: Besides customer satisfaction, excellent quality-price ratio and fast delivery, what do you consider as key strengths of Magento webshop such as HOBO HiFi?

RG: We are experts. This means that we need to display extensive and detailed information online. Besides this we offer a possibility to schedule an audio appointment online. Giving people a mean to get in contact with our customer service is very important for the profit of our webshop.


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