Migration from Magento 1 to 2: the reasons, adventages and benefits

If you are not happy with your online shop´s performance, loading speed or/and the design of your Magento 1 website, it is the high time to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 platform.

THE REASONS: Why do Magento 1 users need to migrate to Magento 2 as soon as possible?
The end of support
Magento platform representatives have officially announced that they will stop supporting Magento 1 by June 2020 what means that from that date the platform will no longer release updates for plug-ins and modules. Since the migration is a complex and long project, you should start planning the migration as soon as possible to have it done in advance.
The security of an online store has a direct influence on your online store success. When Magento stops supporting Magento 1, it will also stop releasing the updates for security patches and your customers’ data is no longer safe.

ADVANTAGES: What makes Magento 2 better than Magento 1?
Better customer experience
Magento 2 has integrated instant purchases feature, which makes the checkout process shorter. The instant purchases button redirects customers to the confirmation page, where they can place an order. This way they avoid the long account registration process.
In addition, integrated payment gateways, such as Braintree and PayPal, save previous credit card information for the checkout and cut the time for placing the order.
Improved mobile shopping
Around 40% of online orders come from mobile devices. To keep up with the modern trends, your online shop should provide great shopping experience even for mobile shoppers. Unlike Magento 1, Magento 2 templates are responsive by default. In addition to increased page loading speed by 50%, Magento 2 has improved onsite search and mobile friendly checkout that help receiving even more orders from mobile device users.
The attractive design is a must for an online store since it influences significantly the customers buying decision. Magento 1 templated with too long checkout process and the absence of responsive design no longer satisfies modern shoppers demands, that is why you lose your potential customers. In the same time, Magento 2 with guest checkout has tons of attractive templates, responsive to screens of any devices by default.
The website performance is key for high conversions. The long website loading speed results in high abandon shopping cart rate. Magento 2 can handle roughly 40% more orders each hour with up to 70% faster add-to-cart times than Magento 1.
Advanced reporting
To make your business strategy even more effective, you need to keep your eye on important business metrics. Magento 2 features of advanced reporting allow you tracking 20 online store reports right from the admin panel.
Marketing automation
To increase the retention rate, you need to build strong relations with your customers via e-mail. Magento 2 has integrated Dotmailer, the e-mail marketing automation tool. You can create automated marketing campaigns for SMS, Push, e-mail and other channels.

What are the BENEFITS of the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2?
The decrease in abandoned shopping cart rate.
Instant purchases feature and improved loading speed provides customers with a fast checkout and reduces the abandoned shopping cart rate.
The increase in the number of sales.
Since Magento 2 is powered with Elasticsearch, online shoppers will find and buy the product faster, which leads to a high conversion rate.
More conversions from mobile devices.
With responsive design, you will receive even more orders from mobile device users. As a result, you will increase the number of conversions as well as income.

The source of the blog post: https://dinarys.com/blog/magento-1-to-magento-2-migration-the-reasons-the-benefits-and-the-migration-tutorial

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