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We understand the importance of a well-designed webshop. Whether you’re launching a new online store or redesigning an existing one, our E-commerce concept and design services will help you create a visually appealing, user-friendly webshop with a thorough customer journey that drives conversions and improves customer experience.

Why Choose Younify for E-commerce Design?

Because our team of experienced designers specialises in creating custom e-commerce solutions that reflect your brand identity.

Because we prioritise the user experience for every project, making sure your webshop is easy to navigate and optimised for conversions.

Because we design webshops with the customer journey in mind and make sure to prioritise that while still making them visually appealing.

Because we stay ahead of design trends and incorporate the latest technologies and best practices to deliver innovative webshops.

Unique Magento
Design & Redesign

Customisation Options

We take full advantage of Magento’s flexibility by offering highly customised design options to your business. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to redesign an existing site, our team will work with you to create a unique design.

Benefits of Unique Designs

A unique design sets you apart from competitors and improves your UX. Our designs are not just visually appealing but optimised for performance and natural navigation throughout your webshop.


Hyvä Theme & Hyvä UI

The Hyva theme is a game-changer for Magento users. Known for its simplicity and speed, the Hyva theme offers a modern and streamlined design that enhances the overall user experience. It is lightweight, easy to customize, and provides excellent performance.

With each Hyva Theme licence, you get a free Hyvä UI library that consists of a growing number of prebuilt, out-of-the-box components. This makes developing your webshop even faster, easier, more fun, and more effective than it already was.

As a Hyva Gold Partner, we have extensive experience implementing and customizing the Hyva theme. We were among the first to implement Hyvä, so we can deliver anything you think about regarding Hyvä development and much more!

Before Our Redesign Magic

After Our Redesign Magic

UX & UI Revision & Improvements

A well-designed UX ensures that users can easily navigate your site and find what they are looking for, while a visually appealing UI can attract and retain customers. In Younify, besides access to experienced designers, you have access to our Product Owners, who can work hand in hand with designers to improve your UX and conversions.

We start by understanding your business goals and customer needs, then create a design that aligns with both. Our team uses the latest design principles and best practices to create a beautiful, functional, and easy-to-use shop with a constant customer journey in mind. Contact us now and discover the power of a well-designed and developed shop.

Banner Design/Redesign

Banners are crucial for grabbing attention and driving engagement on your webshop. They can highlight promotions, showcase products, and convey key messages to your audience. We focus on creating visually compelling banners that improve user experience and drive conversions.

Logo Design/Redesign

A logo is more than just a visual element; it is the face of your brand. A well-designed logo conveys your brand message, builds trust, and helps customers recognize your business instantly.

Design Projects Case Studies

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