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Hyvä theme is Magento’s game-changer, transforming the merchant’s e-commerce. Hyvä is a Magento 2 front-end theme designed to deliver the best performance, user experience, and reduced time to market for your Magento 2 webshop.

Beyond theme, Hyvä provides Checkout and UI library with out-of-the-box components, enabling easy integration and functionality for your online store.

Younify is Hyvä Gold Partner Agency.

As trusted partners, we have collaborated closely with Hyva to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients. Our journey together has been marked by innovation, trust, and commitment to excellence.

Why Choose Younify for Your Hyvä Development?

In 2020, when Hyvä was available in the Alpha version, we started to develop a parallel webshop for one of our clients. One on Luma and one on Hyvä. We quickly realised that the webshop on Hyvä was faster and easier to work on because of less complexity and less code.

The big downside then was that we needed more than 30 compatibility modules for the Hyvä-based webshop. Because Hyvä was at such an early stage, no extension company had even heard of Hyvä, so our experienced Magento specialists needed to do it. And they did! And they even finished before the Luma-based webshop.

So, the answer is simple: we were among the first to implement Hyvä, and because of that, we can deliver anything that comes to your mind regarding Hyvä development and much more!

Nearly 15 years in e-commerce

400+ Magento projects

Hyva Gold Partners

100% Magento dedicated team

30+ Hyvä webshops developed

400+ extensions compatible

Slack Support

Updates included

Lower TCO

One-time purchase

Game-Changing Solution
That Ultimately
Drives Sales

The advantages of using Hyvä Theme for your Magento store:

Lightning-Fast Loading Speed

Hyva delivers lightning-fast load times, ensuring customers enjoy a fast & efficient browsing experience. This speed improves UX and boosts your SEO rankings, making your webshop more visible to potential customers.

Easy & Fast Customisation

Hyva's modern, lean codebase allows for extensive customization. Tailor your webshop to meet your unique business needs without the complexity and limitations often encountered with traditional themes like Luma.

Lower Maintenance Costs

With Hyva, development is straightforward. The simplified structure reduces maintenance costs and effort, allowing your team to focus on innovation rather than troubleshooting with develpment agency.

Reduced Loading Speed

Hyva's optimised code ensures out-of-the-box that your webshop scores 95+ in a Google PageSpeed test, both on desktop and mobile. Faster load times lead to lower bounce rates and higher conversions.

Best User Experience

Hyva's out-of-the-box UI components and Hyva Checkout enable customers to navigate more straightforwardly and have faster page loads, leading to higher conversion rates and customer retention.

Hyva Themes & Hyva Enterprise

Hyva has two different licences, depending on the size of your business. Hyva Enterprise is for Adobe Commerce platform users, and Hyva Themes is for merchants using Magento Open Source.

Improved SEO Rankings

Hyva's optimised structure and superior performance contribute to better SEO. Speed, mobile-friendliness, and clean code are vital factors that search engines favour, helping your webshop get more organic traffic.

Responsive & Mobile-Optimised

Hyva looks great on any device, ensuring a consistent experience for all users. From the beginning, Hyva understood the importance of creating a theme optimised for mobile devices.

Built-In Advanced Features

Hyva isn't just a Magento theme. It has to offer a complete solution for your e-commerce. Hyva UI and Hyva Checkout ensure your webshop looks great immediately and take care of your orders with fast Hyva Checkout.

Compatibility with Magento Extensions

Hyva theme is compatible with more than 450 extensions, which means that you'll get whatever you wish for your webshop. This also means you won't spend money with a development agency trying to solve compatibility issues.

Future-Proof Technology

Hyva is built with the latest technology and on a well-established and reliable platform. With the Magento + Hyva combination, you can sleep peacefully at night because it'll last you years to come.

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Great things can happen when you choose Hyvä for your webshop and the right e-commerce partner.

Hyvä vs Luma vs PWA​

The Hyvä theme stands out for its superior performance and simplicity compared to the traditional Luma theme and the more complex PWA solutions. Hyvä offers lightning-fast load times, reduced development complexity, and lower maintenance costs.

While PWAs deliver an app-like experience, they require a significant investment in development and ongoing updates. Opting for a Hyvä webshop ensures you benefit from an efficient, user-friendly, and highly customisable platform that enhances UX and conversion rates.

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