The win-win program in Younify

As we always want to have the best Magento developers at Younify, we decided to run an intern program for the position of Junior Frontend Developer.
In this way we can be sure that the people we hire are thoroughly competent in skills we need.
Probably because of the program is very well thought out and unique in the area, the interest towards the position was remarkable! More than 50 people reacted to it and after HR interviews, technical tasks and personality tests, the lucky 6 people were picked out for our program.

The program started on the 1st of October and lasts for 6 months. The trainees will be trained on every working day full time and the entire training program is paid for the trainees. So at the same time they are receiving knowledge by a mentor who guides them in everything, and they also get the financial compensation for it. We have evaluated them as candidates with the highest potential and even if the goal of course is to hire all six of them, it very much depends on their effort, speed of progress and learning, commitment, productivity, development and motivation for further cooperation.

After the first month, all is going well. The 6 trainees have adjusted their working environment, got used to the company, people and our business culture while taking part in the training program and gaining a lot of knowledge about Magento development.
During the entire Internship all trainees will be involved in theoretical and practical tutorial-led learning, but they will also have the opportunity to work on real projects and learn about problems of project development that developers face in real-work settings.
And of course the trainees have the same rights as all the employees of Younify, they are very welcome to participate in all company´s events, activities, socializing, vacations, spend their free time in our game room, play darts and feel welcomed and accepted as a full member of Younify! They have already participated in Younify Team Building activities on mountain Jastrebac, had fun together with colleagues, prove to be great team players in lots of teamwork games and made connections with our team even stronger.

We will keep you posted about the further development of the program and wish to all our 6 trainees much luck and never ending will to learn and get better!

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