Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Professional Design for Your Webshop

So you are about to start your own webshop, cool! Besides making the right choice for your webshop software, you will have to think about the design for your company webshop. Starting on small budgets you may be tempted to use a default template for your shop, or design it yourself.

From own experience I am strong believer that you can only start a profitable webshop if you have an unique and professional design for your shop.

Why It Pays to Go for a Professionally Designed Webshop

When you take a look at the existing sites which are out there today, it is easy to distinguish run-of-the-mill webshops from the professionally designed ones. Naturally, if you want to leave a lasting impression to your customers and increase the earning potential of your webshop, then it is better if you have a professionally designed site.

If you have no idea at all about the factors to consider in looking for a professional designer for your webshop, make sure to use a combination of an unique design with open source software like OS Commerce or Magento. Do not revert to standard templates which are out there. They have been designed by somebody who never heard of your company, your products, your USP’s and core values.

Now, aside from the design itself, the web designer should be able to come up with a webshop design which takes two factors into consideration: traffic generation & website conversion

Even if your webshop has a lot of visitors, it will be practically useless if you cannot convert the clicks into sales. On the other hand, a high conversion rate but only a few visitors also does not make your webshop profitable.

Summarizing, you need to make sure that the designer will be able to create a great-looking design for your webshop while at the same time creating that delicate balance between having a high influx of web traffic and a high conversion rate.

Increase the Earning Potential of Your Webshop: Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Professional Web Design

Aside from the earlier mentioned benefits, here are the top five important reasons why it is a good business move to invest in a professionally designed webshop

1. A professional design will be able to get you a head start in generating traffic to your site.

In order for you to get a head start in generating traffic to your site, you do need to have a compelling and unique design that will grab the attention of online users during the first 10 seconds of their visit.

The same applies for professionals who may need to review your site: journalists, bloggers and editors who would be posting a review of your products once your site is launched– a great-looking design would indicate you are a serious business

2. A professional web design will be able to hold the attention of online users.

Online users have a very short attention span, and they can decide within the first few seconds of visiting your site whether they would like to continue browsing or not.

You might just be surprised at the difference that a professional design can make on the bounce rate of websites which have a low conversion. I have seen bounce rate’s decrease from 70% to 30% after a new design was implemented.

3. A professional web design will leave a lasting impression to your potential and existing customers.

Think of visiting a website as your first encounter with a blind date. You would want to look great and leave a lasting impression to your date, wouldn’t you? This is the exact same effect that you will leave to online users if you have a great design for your webshop.

4. A good design is a great way to build customer trust.

Even if you are running a one-man operation, the online shoppers will not notice this and consider you as a serious business they can trust. Trust results in conversion.

5. A professional web design is designed towards the type of products that you offer.

This is a great benefit if you want to reach your target market. Let’s say that you are selling high-quality watches. Your conversion rate will definitely be higher if your webshop is designed in such a way that every painstaking detail of an elegant watch can be showcased at its best.

A Final Word about Hiring a Professional Designer for Your Webshop

If you’re still not convinced about the need for a webshop to have a professional design, let’s do a quick ROI calculation:

  • If you currently have 200 visitors per day, your conversion rate is 2% and you have an average profit per order of 15 Euros.

Daily Profit = (200*2%*15)
= 60 Euros per day
= 1,800 Euros per month (Approximate amount)

  • Now, if you will go for a professionally designed website, your traffic could easily double (more free publicity in magazines, blogs, reviews and forums), your conversion rate can increase by 20%, your site conversion will improve and the bounce rates will decrease.

The result could look as follows:

Daily Profit = (200*2)*(2%*1.20)*(15)
= 144 Euros per day
= 4,320 Euros per month (Approximate amount)

As you can see from this calculation, it does pay to go invest in an exciting, unique design for your webshop if you aim to build customer loyalty, increase your traffic and conversion – and ultimately maximize the earning potential of your website.

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