Younify made it to the Hyvä contributors list

We have some exciting news. As proudly said in the headline – the work has paid off and our Hyvä experience is now more acknowledged then ever because we have made it to the contributors list! Why it’s important to us to be recognized as one?

To have made it happen and be noted as a contributor we had to deliver substantial contributions to either Hyvä Theme itself or to the compatibility modules. So, with that done it makes us a competent and a reliable partner for any e-commerce project of yours.

Which accomplishments helped us gain the silver star?

We have been and currently are working on several Hyvä projects. The ones already finished and live are:

In addition to that we have 3 other projects in their final preparation stage and about to go live!

Next examples are about the 3rd party modules made compatible with Hyvä. We have worked on and published the following ones:

There are also Amasty modules we are still working on and haven’t published yet, such as:

We at Younify started checking out Hyvä a good while back. Why is that? Well we saw a great potential with the theme and therefore decided to focus fully on Hyvä development. As a result, now we are in the process of switching the majority of our customers to Hyvä and every proposal for new leads will be Hyvä theme based, too.

In conclusion, we work hard to find and offer you some great new solutions to have a better performing webshop and business in general. Isn’t that exactly what you are looking for to achieve, too? So don’t hesitate to contact us, we will take your company to the next level!

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