How Younify Delivers More Value to Magento Merchants Than Other Agencies

How Younify Delivers More Value to Magento Merchants Than Other Agencies

You probably know by now that choosing the right development agency can make or break your online business. By now, if you follow us, you have seen some of our work and may have read some testimonials where our clients praise our expertise and dedication. If not, you can check our customer case studies here to get the best idea about us. But you should understand that we are all about delivering VALUE to the clients, not just selling hours or story points. 

With each sprint, we commit to providing our clients with VALUE, steadily improving their shop. But the most interesting part is that (and you’ll ask yourself how) we offer 30% more of that value than a regular Dutch agency. 

So, how?!

Our “secret” starts with a lot of becauses…

Because we don’t have fancy and expensive (mostly empty) offices.

Because we’re not into costly and fancy cars.

Because we’re strategically located in Serbia

Because we are a stable team with little attrition

And we can give you many more “because” sentences and reasons.

All these factors allow us to cut unnecessary costs for our clients while still focusing on what matters: delivering VALUE to the clients.

We’re a team located in Serbia, but not its capital. We’re into bikes and trains, which lowers expenses and our carbon footprint. In addition we work from a normal-sized office space that fits our employees’ needs and wishes.

We define ourselves as a humble and modest company, which wants to offer clients affordable and reasonable prices.

So, just lower expenses / prices?

Definitely not. We’re 20+ years in e-commerce. We had a lot of clients. And they had a lot of bugs and problems. And we ended up with vast experience in solving every kind of problem. So, because of those things, we can offer high-quality services and innovative solutions today WHILE maintaining affordable prices.

That’s the key point. Our clients feel safe in our hands and like we work together towards their goals, not like we just work for them. It’s a big difference.

Okay, how exactly do you deliver 30% more?

We mentioned the agile system.. The agile development methodology backs our commitment to delivering value. Unlike agencies solely focused on “writing hours”, we ensure that every sprint contributes meaningfully to the overall improvement of the client’s webshop. This approach, combined with our experience, allows us to address and resolve bugs efficiently, ensuring a seamless and bug-free online shopping experience. That’s the most valuable thing to our clients.

Nothing without a good team!

We understand that satisfied employees lead to successful projects. By prioritizing employee happiness, the company ensures its team is motivated to go above and beyond for each sprint and each client. The result is a collaborative and innovative work culture that directly benefits clients by delivering high-quality services.

We don’t waste money and we focus on what matters most: our employees and clients.


Our commitment to delivering 30% more value than regular Dutch agencies is real, and it isn’t some top-secret principle that we follow. It’s just a wise and humble way to satisfy everyone at the end of the day. Focusing on the essentials, cutting unnecessary expenses, and maintaining affordable prices ensures clients receive the desired results.

We want to make a difference in our industry. And we made bold statements here, but we’re also able to deliver them and to realize everything you read above. So, if you’re ready to elevate your e-commerce journey, contact us today. Let the conversation begin, and let’s transform your e-commerce journey together.

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