Hyvä Checkout: The Key for Increased Conversion Rates and Improved UX

Hyvä Checkout: The Key for Increased Conversion Rates and Improved UX

As a Magento merchant, providing an easy and efficient checkout experience is essential for online success. You know by now that we are working closely with our trusted partner, Hyvä. Their product, Hyvä Checkout, isn’t a different case, not only because we trust Hyvä but also because Hyvä Checkout is a great and reliable checkout solution for Magento merchants. In this blog post, we’ll go into the key features of Hyvä Checkout, explore its performance and user-friendliness, and weigh its benefits against potential drawbacks. Additionally, we’ll add testimonials from our developers to get information first-hand!

Hyvä Checkout: A Performance Powerhouse

Hyvä Checkout, developed using the PHP-driven Magewire technology, significantly changed checkout solutions in the Magento 2 ecosystem. Their solution places a premium on checkout performance, ensuring Magento merchants benefit from a swift and efficient transaction process.

Compared to alternatives like Amasty Checkout and OneStepCheckout, Hyvä Checkout takes the lead in prioritising speed and efficiency. The checkout experience is streamlined to reduce friction, resulting in a fast and smooth customer shopping experience and reduced abandoned cart scenarios.

“Hyvä Checkout is designed with performance in mind. It prioritises speed and efficiency during checkout, ensuring users a seamless and quick experience. While Amasty Checkout and OneStepCheckout may offer decent performance, Hyvä Checkout is specifically built to excel in this area.” Dimitrije Ilic, Front-end Magento Developer


User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface is a cornerstone of a successful checkout process. Hyvä Checkout doesn’t disappoint in this field either. Its intuitive and streamlined design is optimised to guide customers through the checkout steps, ultimately reducing cart abandonment rates.

While competitors may offer user-friendly interfaces, Hyvä Checkout distinguishes itself by emphasising simplicity and clarity. The goal is to make the checkout process efficient and enjoyable for users.

“Hyvä Checkout boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The streamlined design helps customers navigate the checkout steps easily, reducing cart abandonment rates.  Hyvä Checkout’s competitors may also offer user-friendly interfaces, but Hyvä Checkout emphasises simplicity and clarity.” Marko Pantic, Team Lead & Magento Developer


Mobile Responsiveness

Optimising a checkout page for smartphones and tablets is crucial as more customers turn to mobile devices for shopping. Hyvä Checkout goes beyond the basics, providing a responsive design that ensures a smooth checkout experience on various devices.

In the realm of mobile responsiveness, Hyvä Checkout excels when compared to its counterparts. The emphasis on a smooth experience across different platforms positions it as a top choice for Magento merchants catering to the on-the-go shopper.

“Hyvä Checkout is optimised for mobile devices, providing a responsive design that ensures a smooth checkout experience on smartphones and tablets. In comparison, mobile responsiveness may vary among checkouts, while Hyvä Checkout delivers definitely.” Dimitrije Ilic, Front-end Magento Developer

Customisation Options

One size does not fit all in the world of e-commerce. Hyvä Checkout stands out by offering merchants easy customisation options. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor the checkout process to align with their unique brand identity and user experience goals.

The ability to fine-tune the checkout experience creates a personalised feel for brands and an engaging customer journey for their customers.

“Hyvä Checkout allows us much easier and faster customisation than other checkouts. Everyone praised Hyvä Checkout for its flexibility and adaptability, especially our clients because we don’t need to spend hours making custom changes to the client’s webshop checkout.” Marko Pantic, Team Lead & Magento Developer


Integration Partners and Payment Methods

Hyvä Checkout supports popular payment methods such as PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, and Mollie, offering a range of choices for both merchants and customers. Additionally, Hyvä Checkout continually expands its list of integration partners, ensuring compatibility with various extensions and services.

Integrating with various payment methods and third-party services enhances its appeal to various merchants.

Pros and Cons: There are cons?!

Of course, there are some cons, but they are minor in most cases. While Hyvä Checkout shines in various aspects, it’s essential to consider both its benefits and drawbacks. The advantages we discussed above, however…


A higher price point can be considered one of Hyvä Checkout’s drawbacks. With the price of €1000, some merchants can find it expensive. Bear in mind, though, that the increased performance and reduced development costs might easily offset the higher price point compared to other checkout solutions. Also, with Hyvä Checkout, you get first-year updates and support for free.

Time to integrate

The learning curve also can be a slight drawback; due to its extensive customisation options and unique structure, there might be a learning curve for merchants and developers unfamiliar with Hyvä Checkout. Proper documentation and support can bring down this concern. Developers can easily slip into the Magewire, but it still takes time. Of course, if you can’t wait (most merchants can’t), contact a reliable and trusted Hyvä Gold Partner here, who will integrate Hyvä Checkout in a record time! 

Hyvä Dependency 

Hyvä Checkout needs Hyvä themes to work, of course. But, I mean… Is this a drawback, after all? You don’t want your Magento shop to be the best version of itself with Hyvä? Why?! Contact us to restore balance in the universe and transition your shop to Hyvä. 😉


Ultimately, we would like to call you to check Hyvä Checkout in action on our client’s webshop – Chargertech! We implemented Hyvä Checkout for them; they already feel a drastic difference. By focusing on performance and flexibility, coupled with a commitment to adaptability and user-centric design, Hyvä Checkout positions itself as a noteworthy choice for Magento merchants.

In our opinion, the drawbacks mentioned above are easily outweighed by the benefits Hyvä Checkout brings. Benefits such as a fast and smooth shopping experience, extensive customisation options, and compatibility with diverse payment methods make Hyvä Checkout a compelling solution for Magento merchants seeking excellence in their checkout process.

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