How Hyvä Theme Propelled Extreme Intimo to Success

Welcome to our second customer case study, where we explore the remarkable journey of Extreme Intimo, an ambitious e-commerce brand that achieved resounding success by leveraging Hyvä Theme. As a dedicated Magento developing company, we understand the challenges and aspirations of businesses striving for excellence in the online realm.

In this insightful case study, we explore the role played by the innovative Hyvä Theme in Extreme Intimo’s journey towards their triumph. We uncover the strategic decisions, customised solutions, and responsive designs that contributed to their remarkable achievements from inception to implementation.

The key point of any e-commerce venture lies in optimising user experience and enhancing conversion rates. With Younify’s expertise, Extreme Intimo witnessed a surge in streamlining its customer journey and sales figures.

Let’s dive into the key factors that led to Extreme Intimo’s business growth and customer satisfaction. By unlocking the potential of Magento’s platform and tailoring it to suit their unique requirements, they not only surpassed their goals but also set new standards in the competitive world of e-commerce.

But first, let us introduce them!

Who is Extreme Intimo?

Extreme Intimo is a Serbian fashion brand specialising in men, women, and kids’ lingerie, swimwear, and clothes. The company was founded in 2002 by a group of young designers who aimed to create high-quality and comfortable underwear with a unique design.

Since its beginning, Extreme Intimo has expanded its product line and now offers a wide range of lingerie and underwear products. The brand has also launched a swimwear and homeware collection, including pyjamas, robes, and loungewear. Extreme Intimo is known for its trendy and modern designs that fit different body types and sizes. The brand’s products are made from high-quality materials, such as cotton, silk, and lace, and are designed to be comfortable, durable, and stylish.

Extreme Intimo is present in Serbia, Monte Negro, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Czech, and Germany through awesome webshops and physical stores where customers can browse and purchase products. Extreme Intimo is a well-established and reputable Serbian brand that has gained a loyal following in Serbia and abroad.

Extreme Intimo before Hyvä Theme

Before adopting the Hyvä theme, Extreme Intimo developed its webshops with us in 2018, built on the Claue theme. While the Claue theme provided a solid foundation, the brand had specific requirements for custom functionalities, prompting the need for tailor-made solutions and slowing loading speed additionally (not their fault, it was simply the reality of those days Magento). So, Claue-based stores performed adequately but lacked anything beyond okayish results. As time passed, the significance of website loading speed became increasingly apparent, especially as advised by their marketing agencies.

Around this time, Younify stumbled upon the Hyvä theme, and by the time they addressed the problem they had, we already tried and experienced Hyvä benefits. So, the decision to transition to the Hyvä theme became evident and logical, as it promised to elevate Extreme Intimo’s online stores from satisfactory to exceptional.

From satisfactory to exceptional, really?

Yup, definitely.

After finishing the implementation of the Hyvä theme in the second half of 2022, Extreme Intimo witnessed a transformative shift in its e-commerce landscape. The Hyvä development project started with upgrading Magento to a specific version to integrate the cutting-edge theme seamlessly. Younify’s expertise came to the forefront as they crafted the Serbian webshop, focusing on typography, homepage, category pages, cart, checkout, and other crucial elements. Including a user-friendly CMS page in the admin panel empowered Extreme Intimo to add and manage content effortlessly.

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The results were remarkable, with the Serbian webshop now live on the Hyvä theme. Extreme Intimo experienced a substantial boost in performance (their client’s noticed that for sure), with their core vital scores soaring from a little above 20 to an impressive 90+. This significant improvement in loading speed and overall user experience translated into enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement. The intuitive and responsive design of the Hyvä theme proved to be a game-changer, making the shopping experience seamless and enjoyable for visitors.
The success of the Serbian webshop further inspired Extreme Intimo to transition all of their old webshops from other regions to the Hyvä theme.

So, Extreme Intimo’s shops are now all on Hyvä?

Not yet. Because of Extreme Intimo’s big and complex (but as efficient as possible) operations in 8 countries makes the transition to Hyvä a bit longer. For now, shops in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Monte Negro are on Hyvä theme, and everyone from those countries can experience Hyvä lightning-loading speed today.

Webshops in the other countries are, for now, well-optimized, and they will also be on the Hyvä theme as soon as possible. Younify’s team is working super hard towards that goal.

What Extreme Intimo says about this?

“Extreme Intimo is a Serbian brand with a long tradition in the textile industry that successfully operates in 8 countries. Thanks to our partner, Younify, with whom we have successfully cooperated for many years, we have successfully grown online sales. Younify supports us in this area, solves all the more complex changes, and works on improving our sites. Thanks to their expertise, professional attitude, and commitment, they have our full trust.”


Extreme Intimo’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of the Magento Hyvä Theme. This case study showcases how the right web development solution can propel an e-commerce brand to success.

By partnering with us, Extreme Intimo embarked on a path of growth and innovation, overcoming challenges and surpassing its goals. The Hyvä Theme was pivotal in enhancing their online stores, optimising user experience, and significantly improving loading speeds. The remarkable boost in performance and customer satisfaction is a testament to the Hyvä Theme’s capability to create seamless and enjoyable shopping experiences.

To all Magento webshop merchants seeking to propel their online businesses to new heights, the success story of Extreme Intimo serves as a powerful reminder of the potential of the Magento platform. Embracing the Hyvä and its responsive design can be the game-changer your business needs to achieve wanted results in the competitive world of e-commerce.
Follow the footsteps of Extreme Intimo, and let the Magento Hyvä Theme elevate your online store to new heights of achievement, customer satisfaction, and business growth. Your victory awaits, so contact us today and start your e-commerce transformation!

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