How Maxifleur Achieved Success: A Magento Hyvä Client Case Study

We’re excited to share the success story of one of our longest clients, Maxifleur-Kunstplanten, a brand leader in high-quality artificial plants. We’ll dive deep into the case study to reveal how they achieved success by implementing the Magento Hyvä Theme.

Through this case study, we’ll take a closer look at Magento Hyvä Theme implementation for their webshop, all done to increase webshop loading speed, conversion rate, SEO rankings, sales, and business growth. But above all, Maxifleur always cared the most about the customer journey and satisfaction, which was also improved a lot alongside the website’s core vitals.

If you’re a Magento webshop merchant looking to improve your online store’s performance, you should consider reading, very carefully, this case study because it will clarify many things for you. We will provide valuable insights into the benefits of the Magento Hyvä Theme and how it can help you succeed in the competitive E-commerce landscape. So, let’s begin and share the full details of Maxifleur’s success story with Magento Hyvä Theme and Younify.

First of all, let us introduce them!

Who is Maxifleur-Kunstplanten?

Maxifleur is an E-commerce business specializing in artificial plants for various purposes, including home decor, office decoration, and landscaping. In 2004, Maxifleur, then a flower shop in Dordrecht, was founded by Michael Kamper with the desire to build a chain of flower shops. The first Maxifleur store had an assortment of 80% fresh and 20% artificial plants. In 2005 they started selling online from the upstairs apartment. 

They then noticed that the artificial plants, combined with the internet, ran much better than the traditional flower shop. This led them to start importing high-quality artificial plants and trees in 2007.

They have been in the market for over 15 years with webshops in three languages: Dutch, German, French, and finally, English webshop from 2016, when they established themselves as a brand leader in the high-quality artificial plant industry.

Their success is due to their high-quality products and a solid commitment to providing the best customer experience through their online store. They now have B2B and B2C online stores alongside a 1,000m² showroom.

Maxifleur before Hyvä Theme

Maxifleur developed with us Magento 1 store, and when Magento 2 came out, we migrated their webshop to Magento 2 Luma Theme. The loading speed wasn’t so great back then, but they had all the functionalities they wanted; it lacked anything beyond okayish results. Then, as time passed, their marketing agency started to tell them how core vitals needed to be improved and how their ranking on Google got worse. They were right. When Google’s focus shifted a lot towards valuing loading speed, Maxifleur’s website was left behind. Besides speed issues, every additional edit that they wanted for webshops cost them money and us a lot of time because their previous Luma Theme wasn’t developer friendly. Even Younify’s experienced and as efficient as possible developers delivered good results and desired changes, but we want great results. That’s many problems in one place…

So what, Hyvä Theme, is the solution?

Absolutely yes! Our first contact with the Hyvä Theme was a bit more than 2 years ago when we created a task for our Senior Frontend Developer to investigate Hyvä. After a bit of testing and implementing, we were pleasantly surprised at how good the Hyvä Theme is and all the benefits it can bring to the customers. Website core vitals above 95 scores, mobile responsiveness, and highly customizable with great user and developer experience are just some benefits of using Hyvä Theme. Main benefit? IT’S FASTER! Hyvä Theme is faster loading, much faster, and easier to develop and maintain later. You can check out our other blog post on how we found that Hyvä Theme is a real game-changer for clients and developers.

Fortunately, at the same time, Maxifleur wanted to improve its webshops for all of the reasons mentioned above. We then chatted with them for a while and recommended Hyvä Theme as the solution they needed. 

They recognized the potential of Hyvä Theme and decided to let us implement it to improve their online store speed and rankings.

And that’s what we did!

Hyvä Theme is the answer; the rest is easy, right?

Well, not quite. We faced many challenges during theme development for Maxifleur. The main reason was that Maxifleur wanted to switch to the Hyvä Theme when vendors did not develop many Hyvä compatibility modules, so we had to write many compatibility modules. Some are the Layered Navigation module, FAQ module, product labels module, search module, and many more – these are only the “big” ones. Other than making compatibility modules, there are lots of custom functionalities on this website that had to be developed. For example, category page product hover image – the client wanted to show different product images once the customer hovers over the product on the category page; also, we built the entire MegaMenu module, which was firstly used on Maxifleur webshop, and later we implemented it on other Hyvä shops as well. But, thanks to our experienced developers, major construction works were done quickly. Even with that amount of work, Maxifleur’s Hyvä shop was faster developed than if developed with Luma or some other theme. 


After installing the Hyvä Theme, besides improved overall user experience and customer journey and positively affected SEO ranking factors, website performance increased significantly, leading to less page load time. 

Hyvä Theme itself is already well optimized, and if applied correctly, you will have great results from day 1. However, certain things must be considered when adding content, especially images. We paid close attention to image quality, size, and image format. Other than that, we did standard SEO optimization, and that’s about it. That way, as a result, we have a webshop with excellent performance and good SEO optimization – which is what Google loves.

But also, Maxifleur’s marketing agency! They can finally give Maxifleur a break because the website’s core vitals are perfect, and they are ranked excellent on Google, resulting in immediate sales and revenue growth. Pretty cool, hum?

What Maxifleur said about all of this?


“Since partnering with Younify to develop our webshop, we have experienced remarkable improvements that have positively impacted our business.

First and foremost, our webshop’s enhanced speed and stability have been a game-changer. Thanks to the expertise and diligent efforts of the agency’s team, our website now loads faster than ever before. This optimization has significantly improved the overall user experience, allowing our customers to browse and shop seamlessly. Also, core vitals and Google ranking scores are greatly enhanced due to the fast nature of a Hyvä theme. It is a pleasure witnessing our webshop perform flawlessly, ensuring our visitors stay engaged and satisfied.” – Maxifleur


In conclusion, Maxifleur’s success story is a clear example of how our implementation of the Hyvä Theme on the Magento webshop can bring significant benefits to your business. By improving their webshop performance and user experience, we achieved fast-loading pages, mobile responsiveness, and a user-friendly interface. The fast development of the Hyvä Theme also enabled the quick and effective launch of their webshop.

Additionally, by optimizing its webshop for search engines, Maxifleur improved its SEO rankings, resulting in increased visibility and organic traffic. This led to significant growth in sales and revenue, demonstrating the impact of a well-designed and optimized webshop.

If you’re a Magento webshop merchant looking to achieve similar success, we encourage you to consider implementing the Hyvä Theme on your webshop. Its many benefits, such as fast-loading pages, mobile responsiveness, and improved SEO rankings, can help you attract and retain more customers, ultimately leading to growth in sales and revenue.

We at Younify are always happy to share our experiences and help fellow merchants improve their online presence. If you want to learn more about Hyvä Theme and how it can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your e-commerce goals.

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