How to build your custom company stamp with Magento webshop?

From the very beginning, Younify was a choice of many family businesses that opted for a Magento webshop. The reason is that we all value good relationships, trust and reliability in business. A great family business example, but also business type that works perfectly online is Stempelfabriek Magento webshop. We spoke to Mrs. Jolanda Stultiens about their experience with their webshop and overall e-commerce processes we’ve been working on for quite some time.

(Y – Younify, S – Stempelfabriek)

Y: Your product is not so common compared to others sold on e-commerce sites. You make and sell rubber stamps. How did you decide to sell online?

S: First websites came out in the 90ties. Back then, we decided to build a wholesaler website and, soon after that, a website for our stamp supplier Colop. The advantage of having a website was that you didn’t need printed catalog anymore and you could quickly respond to your customer. The customer was also able to immediately order online, and, of course, this was a huge difference compared to ordering by fax or sending a letter.

Y: How easy or difficult it was for you to adapt to this new way of selling?

S: Very easy. We were very excited about the entire process and, if you look it that way, everything should work. We also wondered how the website will look like and what you need to do to make it work as best as possible.

Y: Your choice was Magento webshop. In your opinion, which are the advantages of this e-commerce platform that you use for selling your products?

S: Sincerely, our first webshop was built on Magento by chance. But, we didn’t regret staying with Magento. We deliver top quality stamps and really enjoy having the best website.

Y: What would you change to make Magento administration part easier to handle?

S: Actually, we didn’t have the need to change anything. We have our own oder management program and just link our Magento webshop with that program. It works!

Y: Magento, as a platform, has great SEO built-in options. That means your webshop is optimized for search engines. How much did it help to your business (in terms of avoiding additional marketing efforts and costs)?

S: We really made the best use of it, since we aim to use the most of Google organic SEO. With the most keywords we use on the webshop, we appear on the top of the search results. This is really important to us.

Y: What do you value most when it comes to ordering stamps online, rather than letting customers coming to your factory or making phone orders?

S: We almost do not visit any customers, since we work across the country. We do not accept telephone orders because there may be a text error within. Instead, we receive 100% of orders online, and the customer always gets an automated print preview, so nothing can go wrong.

Y: Another great Magento feature is the opportunity to build more than one website within a single installation. How much it helps you, since you also do business outside the Netherlands?

S: We are still preparing to penetrate other markets. Currently, we are working on entering Belgium, England and other markets. It is nice that all can be done wit one main website. We will certainly have a lot of benefits from it in the near future.

Y: We all know that online business doesn’t know about working hours. How important is to you that your Magento webshop runs flawlessly?

S: It is very important. Our customers also make orders in the evening, at night and certainly during the weekend. If the website doesn’t work, we loose our returning customers. Even if only certain things do not work on the website, we will loose customers. It’s how it goes today.

Y: Please, tell us what you value the most in your relationship with our Magento support team?

S: Your knowledge of Magento.

Y: What would you improve in your current relationship with our Magento support team?

S: Since the communication is most often about technical issues, we’d prefer to communicate in our native tongue.

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