Interview Branko Petrović

What did you do before you joined Younify?

I grew up between the flowers, my parents had several floristry boutique’s, which is where I learned plenty of qualities surrounding marketing, sales and management.

After my parents sold their boutique’s, I started working for myself as an internet entrepreneur.

The rise of online sales attracted me enormously, and here i have further developed as an E-Commerce manager.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve managed, advised and administered several webshops.

I have tried to evolve as versatile as possible and master every part of the online business.

Since when did you work with Magento?

I’ve been working with Magento for more then 5 years, and I have seen plenty of change varying from new extentions to plug-ins, and of course the emergence of Magento 2.

I can’t possibly say anything different than Magento being my personal number 1 when it comes to E-Commerce platforms.

What a hugely positive asset is for me, is the huge range in extentions and possibilities. For almost every “problem” or wish, there is a possibility or extention available that can enrich your website.

What are you passionate about in your work?

Earning money!

It might sound very corny but I really think this should be at the top of every business!

I come across companies very often, that approach online selling without a proper plan, and approach it in a way that will most likely earn them little money.

Online selling is extremely easy, and spending money is something anyone can do.

It’s making money, profiting of that money, and becoming successful that is the biggest challenge and that’s exactly what’s currently driving me the most.

What have you been doing the last couple of months?

Over the past few months I’ve been busy as an E-Commerce Client Success manager for multiple Younify customers.

I take a behind the scenes look and try to give advice to my clients on how they can be even more successful, and point out which extensions they can implementate to improve.

With some clients I work on rebuilding their “E-Commece fundamentals” and finding a good basis in the costs per click and per sale.

I’m also busy with the optimization of the website. Making small adjustments in design or making the pages more user-friendly can make a noticeable difference in revenue and conversion.

Conversion optimization is in my opinion a must have for every website!

With good marketing of Analytics data and purchase behavior, your website can be a lot more succesful

I heard you know a lot from selling on What is your experience with them?

That’s right, the past 2 years I’ve been completely engrossed in successful selling through

As an E-Commerce Manager, I’ve been invited a couple of months ago by to share my experiences with their partners on a big event. is a great platform where you can most certainly be successful, however you must know the right way to approach it.

Only automatic feed and order api won’t bring you anywhere, this will undoubtedly bring you more order, but it can’t guarantee you any success.

It’s when you start seeing selling through as a totally separate channel, a store within a store, and you start to indulge yourself in it, that you’ve reached a point where you’re surely going to profit off of it.

Where can you help webshop owners?

To create a fair and transparent image on E-Commerce, offering my help and opinion, but above all, sharing my experience.

Active consultations with a Web shop owner, making sure that he can become more successful without having to spend a crazy amount of money to achieve this.

Because I manage, advise and administer so many different webshops, I know exactly what’s going on, what converts well and what doesn’t.

The past few years i have built up a large network of people and companies who I can rely on or can help me get a better deal.

I can also serve a webshop’s owner by deploying my network.

Making a profit with a webshop will always be my number 1 priority.

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